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Located in the vibrant heart of Ortigia, B&B Maecò Ortigia is a hidden gem hidden in a Gothic-Catalan building from the 1400s, adorned with Arab influences.

Restored in 2016 with dedication and care, every space of this historic building is permeated with Sicilian stories and charm. The fusion of warm hospitality and rich history creates a unique atmosphere, turning every moment spent here into a treasure trove of memories.

We invite you to explore this corner of paradise, a perfect balance between the elegance of the past and the comfort of the present.

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Explore the exclusive Suites of Maecò Ortigia B&B, each a unique jewel of design, immersed in warm shades of dove grey and beige for unparalleled comfort and style.

Here, soundproofing ensures absolute serenity, while the spacious bathrooms, with their open showers and hexagonal cement tiles walls, evoke Sicilian elegance.

Join us for an unforgettable stay, where luxury meets tradition in perfect harmony.

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My philosophy, both in life and in work, is based on a balance between high-level of comfort and a deep respect for the environment.

In line with this vision, I have equipped my facility with eco-friendly technologies: sustainable air conditioning systems, low-energy electrical accessories, advanced LED lighting, effective thermal and acoustic insulation, achieved using double glazing and insulating coatings, as well as minimal use of plastic.

Every detail has been carefully thought out to maximize energy efficiency, while minimizing the impact on the environment, yet maintaining the quality of service and high standards, which have always been at the core of my approach to hospitality



A few steps from

Piazza Duomo

Just 10 steps away from the bustling Piazza Duomo, B&B Maecò enjoys a prestigious position in the heart of Ortigia.

Its strategic location indeed allows guests to explore the city’s main points of interest on foot, as well as to access the best local shops and restaurants.

Among the unmissable attractions nearby are the historic Fountain of Arethusa, the majestic Castello Maniace, the evocative Piazza Archimede, the characteristic Giudecca district, and the colorful Ortigia Market, a true paradise, famous for the sensory experiences it offers to its visitors.

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